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Emma’s passion for helping the little people gain access to the best possible nutrition is evident through the caring manner assists families traverse some of the trickier moments in their child’s life.

Emma has completed the ‘Circle of Security’ attachment training, which has furthered her understanding of the ways in which the dynamic between caregiver and child can impact the feeding relationship. Emma will match you and your family where YOU’RE at in your food journey (not in some far-away daunting place where good nutrition and health seem unattainable).

Emma can provide reassurance and assistance about the nutritional adequacy of your baby or child with any feeding, eating or growing problem.

Further to this, Emma is able to assist with more complex feeding difficulties given her vast experience in the area of paediratic feeding. She has visited several leading feeding clinics across America to learn from internationally renowned experts in feeding difficulties and applies these strategies with the support of a multidisciplinary team, where required.

More specifically, Emma can assist with:

  • Breastfeeding – nutritional adequacy for Mum and Babe
  • Babes who have problems tolerating infant formula
  • Infant and childhood growth or weight concerns
  • Food allergy and food intolerance, including FPIES and EoE
  • Gastrointestinal complaints/disorders i.e Coeliac Disease
  • Feeding and eating problems
  • Tube feeding/weaning
  • Blended tube feeding

Behavioural problems associated with diet

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